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Stash is an innovative financial technology company offering a user-friendly app that empowers individuals to start investing, banking, and saving. With features like the Stock-Back Card, Stash integrates investing into everyday spending, helping users grow their portfolios. Their platform is designed for ease of use, making financial growth accessible to beginners with expert advice and automated investing options.

Founded: 2015

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Stash Company Overview

Founded to simplify investing for the average person, Stash offers a comprehensive financial platform that integrates investment, banking, and saving tools into one user-friendly application. This fintech company is known for its signature product, the Stock-Back Card, which allows customers to earn stock on everyday purchases, promoting investment as a regular part of spending habits. Stash's services are tailored to remove barriers to financial investment by providing a low-cost monthly subscription model. Users can choose from various plans, including Stash Growth and Stash+, each offering tailored financial advice, investment options, and additional perks like early pay and life insurance options. The company manages over $3 billion in assets and supports a robust user base with more than 1.5 million active subscribers. Key features of Stash include personalized investment advice, automated investing through Smart Portfolios—recently recognized as the top-performing robo-advisor of 2023—and options for individual stock and ETF investments. Safety is also a priority, with top-notch security measures like 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication ensuring users' financial data and investments are protected. With its comprehensive, accessible approach to personal finance, Stash not only caters to experienced investors but also breaks down the complexity of investing for newcomers, making it an ideal platform for anyone looking to start their investment journey.

Management Team

Brandon Krieg Co-Founder & CEO
Ed Robinson Co-Founder & President
Giff Carter CRO
Sudev Balakrishnan Chief Product Officer
Dale Sperling CMO
Cliff Hazelton CTO
Gloria Basem Chief People Officer
Garret Wright CFO
Kimberley Meehan SVP, Customer
Meredith Smith General Counsel

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