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Standard AI leverages advanced artificial intelligence to revolutionize retail operations. Their solutions enhance shelf availability, predict merchandising impacts, and prevent theft with real-time insights and video analytics. By focusing on privacy and simplicity, Standard AI provides retailers with actionable data to optimize sales and improve customer experiences.

Founded: 2017

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Standard AI Company Overview

Standard AI, previously known as Standard Cognition and founded to transform the retail sector, offers cutting-edge AI solutions that provide real-time insights into store operations and customer behaviors. Their technology focuses on enhancing shelf availability, predicting the impact of merchandising changes, and preventing theft through sophisticated video analytics. Standard AI’s solutions include predictive insights to foresee the effects of merchandising decisions, AI-powered tools to maintain optimal shelf stock, and real-time offer generation based on customer behavior predictions. A key feature of their technology is VISION, which uses AI to deliver curated videos of potential theft incidents, allowing for more efficient loss prevention. The company prioritizes customer privacy by avoiding facial recognition and designing straightforward, user-friendly AI solutions. Standard AI's platform offers a variety of customizable products that cater to different retail needs, enabling stores to gain insights into foot traffic patterns, shopper interactions, conversion rates, and sales performance. Their mature technology stack ensures high accuracy and reliability, making them a trusted partner for retailers aiming to harness AI for improved operational efficiency and customer engagement. By focusing on providing deep insights into shopper behaviors and store dynamics, Standard AI empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions that drive sales and enhance the shopping experience.

Management Team

Jordan Fisher CEO, Co-Founder
Michael Suswal Chief Business Officer, Co-Founder
Jennifer Haroon CFO
Angie Westbrock COO

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