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Stairwell offers advanced AI-driven cybersecurity solutions focused on threat detection and incident response. Their platform enables organizations to identify modern cyber threats, conduct historical attack analysis, and protect against both known and unknown threats. With capabilities like binary-level analysis and large-scale YARA rule application, Stairwell provides a comprehensive defense against evolving cyber risks.

Founded: 2019

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Stairwell, founded with a focus on revolutionizing cybersecurity, employs advanced AI to deliver robust threat detection and incident response solutions. Their innovative platform allows organizations to swiftly identify and analyze both current and historical cyber threats. Through a combination of static and dynamic analysis at the binary level, Stairwell ensures that even the most elusive malware and threats are detected. The platform’s features include unlimited file retention, detailed binary-level analysis, and extensive YARA rule application, providing a comprehensive toolkit for CISOs, SOC analysts, threat hunters, and incident responders. The company’s approach significantly reduces security costs while enhancing threat intelligence, offering continuous analysis that doesn't impede system performance. Stairwell’s capabilities in detecting threats involve meticulous analysis of files and binaries, enabling organizations to discover malicious activities that traditional security measures might overlook. This is crucial in an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, and sophisticated attacks are becoming more prevalent. Founded by cybersecurity experts who recognized the limitations of existing security tools, Stairwell aims to fill critical gaps in threat detection and response. Their solutions are designed to empower security teams with the insights and tools needed to combat modern cyber threats effectively. The platform also supports integration with existing security infrastructures, allowing for seamless deployment and enhanced operational efficiency. Stairwell’s commitment to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity has positioned them as a leader in the industry. Their platform not only helps in proactive threat identification but also aids in retrospective analysis, enabling organizations to understand and mitigate past breaches. By focusing on both prevention and response, Stairwell provides a holistic approach to cybersecurity, ensuring comprehensive protection for organizations of all sizes. With a clear mission to transform the cybersecurity landscape, Stairwell continues to develop and refine their technologies, staying ahead of emerging threats and providing unparalleled security solutions to their clients. Their dedication to cutting-edge research and development ensures that they remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering the highest standards of security and protection.

Management Team

Mike Wiacek CEO and Founder
Mike Wayne Chief Revenue Officer

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