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Stability AI is a leading company in generative AI, developing advanced models for images, video, audio, 3D, and text generation. Their renowned products include Stable Diffusion for image generation and Stable Audio for sound creation. Committed to open access, Stability AI offers APIs for seamless integration, empowering developers globally to leverage cutting-edge AI technology and foster innovation.

Founded: 2019

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Stability AI is a pioneering force in the field of generative AI, dedicated to developing state-of-the-art models that revolutionize content creation across various media. Their key offerings include Stable Diffusion, an innovative text-to-image model that generates high-quality visuals from complex textual inputs, and Stable Audio, a sophisticated audio diffusion model that creates music and soundscapes. These tools highlight Stability AI's mission to enhance creative processes with AI-driven solutions. Stability AI is renowned for its commitment to open access and collaboration. By providing APIs, the company facilitates easy integration of its advanced models into diverse applications, supporting a broad spectrum of developers and researchers. Stability AI’s models are accessible on platforms like Hugging Face and GitHub, emphasizing their dedication to the open-source community and fostering innovation through shared resources. The company's team comprises leading experts in artificial intelligence, continuously advancing the technology to address evolving user needs. Stability AI also offers membership options that include benefits like self-hosting, granting users greater control and customization of the AI tools. Their platform supports comprehensive deployment options, ensuring flexibility for various use cases. In addition to their core products, Stability AI actively explores new frontiers in AI technology, such as their work on Stable Assistants, which aim to integrate AI seamlessly into daily tasks, enhancing productivity and creativity. Through these initiatives, Stability AI demonstrates a steadfast commitment to making powerful AI tools accessible and beneficial for a wide range of applications, driving forward the potential of human-AI collaboration.

Management Team

Emad Mostaque Founder and CEO
Tom Mason CTO
Ozden Onder Chief People Officer
Peter O’Donoghue Peter O’Donoghue CFO

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