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Spring Health provides a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans, utilizing Precision Mental Healthcare to deliver personalized care. Their services include digital support, therapy, medication, and wellness exercises, aiming to improve mental health outcomes and business productivity. Members benefit from same-day appointments and tailored care plans, ensuring effective and timely support.

Founded: 2016

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Spring Health is transforming mental healthcare through its innovative Precision Mental Healthcare approach. This method leverages advanced technology to screen for over ten mental health conditions, directing members to appropriate care options, including digital support, therapy, medication, and wellness exercises. Their goal is to provide personalized and effective mental health solutions for employers and health plans. Each member benefits from the guidance of a dedicated Care Navigator who offers continuous clinical support, referrals, and follow-ups, ensuring that individuals receive care tailored to their specific needs. Spring Health's services are designed to improve clinical outcomes, with many members showing significant improvements in fewer sessions. Spring Health offers same-day appointments, enhancing accessibility and convenience for members. Their approach not only improves mental health outcomes but also positively impacts business metrics, such as increased productivity, reduced employee turnover, and a strong return on investment for health plans. The company's evidence-based approach and commitment to destigmatizing mental health have made it a preferred partner for thousands of organizations worldwide. By focusing on personalized care and integrating technology with human compassion, Spring Health helps businesses create a healthier, more productive workforce. Their solutions are proven to enhance employee well-being, demonstrating the tangible benefits of investing in comprehensive mental health care.

Management Team

April Koh CEO, Co-Founder
Adam Chekroud President, Co-Founder
Debbie Markowitz CFO
Amy Holtzman Chief Marketing Officer
Harshit Shah CTO
Eugene Ho Chief Product Officer
Marc Jacobs Chief Revenue Officer
Luca Ranaldi Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer

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