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SpotOn offers dynamic point-of-sale systems and comprehensive business software solutions, tailored to enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences across various industries. With technology that adapts to individual business needs, SpotOn supports restaurants, small businesses, and more through innovative features designed to boost revenue, manage staff, and streamline business operations.

Founded: 2017

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Founded as a technology-driven solution to common business challenges, SpotOn has rapidly positioned itself as a leader in customizable point-of-sale (POS) systems and business software. SpotOn's suite of products is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of various sectors, including restaurants, small businesses, and service providers, offering tools to enhance operational efficiency, revenue growth, and customer relationship management. SpotOn distinguishes itself with a robust platform that integrates payment processing, online ordering, reservations, and labor scheduling into a cohesive system. Their product offerings include handheld POS devices, kitchen display systems, virtual terminals, and more, ensuring a fit for every business size and type—from bustling restaurants to bustling retail shops. Each solution is crafted to improve the day-to-day operations of businesses, allowing owners to focus more on growth and less on administrative tasks. The company's commitment to "working with you, for you" underscores their approach to customer service, providing tailored support and ensuring that each client can leverage SpotOn's technology to its fullest potential. This philosophy extends to their financial services, offering capital loans and equipment financing to help businesses expand and thrive. SpotOn's technology stack is complemented by extensive educational resources, including a learning center and ongoing support, empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools needed for sustained success. Through strategic use of technology and a focus on real-world applications, SpotOn continues to evolve, driving innovation in business management software and POS systems.

Management Team

Zachary Hyman CEO
RJ Horsley COO
Mark Walz CTO
Doron Friedman CPO
Kevin Bryla CMO
Lisa Banks CFO

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