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SpotHero simplifies city parking by allowing users to search, compare, and book parking spots at thousands of locations across North America via its mobile app and website. The platform caters to various needs, including hourly, monthly, event, and airport parking, ensuring a seamless parking experience with guaranteed reservations.

Founded: 2011

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SpotHero Company Overview

SpotHero aims to alleviate parking challenges in urban areas by enabling users to find, book, and pay for parking spaces in advance. The platform caters to a diverse range of parking needs, offering hourly, daily, and monthly options at various locations, including airports, event venues, and downtown areas across North America. SpotHero's platform enables users to locate parking options by comparing prices and locations from a vast inventory of parking spots, including special arrangements for events, monthly parking near residences or workplaces, and even stress-free airport parking. Users can book their spot by paying securely online, receiving a prepaid parking pass instantly via email or directly through the app. The service includes a parking guarantee, ensuring that a booked spot is genuinely available upon arrival, backed by customer support. The founders, Mark Lawrence and Larry Kiss, conceptualized SpotHero after experiencing their own frustrations with finding parking in urban areas. They built the company with a clear vision of leveraging technology to ease the parking process, focusing on transparency, ease of use, and reliability. Over the years, SpotHero has expanded its service capacity by acquiring similar services like Parking Panda and Rover, effectively doubling its presence in markets such as Canada. SpotHero has successfully parked over 50 million vehicles to date, reflecting its widespread acceptance and customer satisfaction. It's been featured in major publications like the Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur Magazine, and TechCrunch, highlighting its impact and innovation in urban mobility solutions. SpotHero also caters to the business sector with "SpotHero for Business," designed to simplify corporate parking needs by offering easy parking solutions for employees. With the integration into platforms like Apple CarPlay, SpotHero continues to innovate, making parking more accessible and less cumbersome for drivers everywhere.

Management Team

Mark Lawrence Co-Founder, CEO
Larry Kiss Co-Founder, CTO
Connie Capone CFO
Elan Mosbacher Sr. VP of Strategy & Operations
Chris Stevens Chief Marketing Officer
Matt Sullivan Sr. VP of Sales

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