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Sourcegraph is a code intelligence platform that empowers developers to search, write, and understand code efficiently. By integrating code insights directly into editors, Sourcegraph enhances developer productivity and collaboration across codebases. Key features include advanced code search, context-aware AI assistance with Cody, and tools for automating code changes.

Founded: 2013

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Sourcegraph is a leading code intelligence platform designed to streamline the coding process for developers. The company was co-founded by Quinn Slack and Beyang Liu with the vision of making code accessible and understandable for developers worldwide. Sourcegraph's primary offerings include advanced code search capabilities, which allow developers to search across multiple repositories and code hosts at any scale. This feature accelerates onboarding, improves code comprehension, and helps in identifying and fixing security issues. A standout product, Cody, is Sourcegraph's AI coding assistant. Cody leverages a comprehensive understanding of the entire codebase to provide accurate code suggestions, context-aware chat support, and workflow automation. This tool enhances productivity by enabling developers to write, fix, and maintain code more effectively. Cody's capabilities include generating unit tests, explaining code snippets, and automating common tasks, all of which contribute to reduced friction and faster development cycles. Sourcegraph caters to both individual developers and large enterprises, offering Cody Enterprise for enhanced security, scalability, and control. This version ensures unlimited usage and full context-awareness of the codebase, making it an ideal solution for complex organizational needs. Sourcegraph's impact is evidenced by its adoption by millions of engineers globally. The platform is recognized for its ability to reduce development friction, speed up feedback loops, and significantly improve developer velocity. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to improving code intelligence, Sourcegraph remains a vital tool for modern software development.

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