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SoundCloud is a premier music streaming platform that empowers creators with the tools, services, and resources they need to share their music worldwide. Known for its diverse content and unique social interaction features, SoundCloud offers an extensive catalog ranging from mainstream tracks to more obscure music from unsigned artists, making it a central hub for music discovery.

Founded: 2007

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Founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud has established itself as a key player in the music streaming industry, particularly known for its unique approach that blends music sharing with social media elements. This Berlin-based platform allows artists to upload, promote, and share their music, offering tools that enable direct interaction with their audiences—something that markedly distinguishes it from other streaming services. SoundCloud's platform is particularly popular among up-and-coming artists for its accessibility and artist-friendly model. It serves as a launchpad for new talents to build a community and gain visibility without the need for traditional record deals. Users on the platform can upload tracks, create and share playlists, and use features such as likes, reposts, and comments to interact with the music. One of the notable aspects of SoundCloud is its monetization model for artists through SoundCloud Pro, which provides additional features such as detailed analytics, more upload space, and advanced controls over tracks. The company also introduced SoundCloud Go, a subscription service offering listeners ad-free listening, offline playback, and access to a fuller catalog of tracks. The platform has also been at the forefront of innovation in the music streaming space, introducing various initiatives to help artists monetize their work effectively. For instance, the "Fan-Powered Royalties" model is an alternative payment system where independent artists can earn money directly from their fans' listening habits on the platform, ensuring artists are compensated more fairly for their popularity and dedicated fanbase. SoundCloud's approach to music streaming, centered on artist independence and fan engagement, continues to influence the music industry, providing a vital service to both creators and consumers in the digital age.

Management Team

Eliah Seton Chief Executive Officer
Drew Wilson Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Rohit Agarwal Chief Product Officer
Tracy Chan Chief Content officer
Jennifer Caserta Chief People Officer
Antonious Porch General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer

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