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Sorting Robotics is a pioneering technology company specializing in automation solutions for the cannabis industry. Established by Y-Combinator alumni and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the firm develops advanced robotics systems like Jiko, Omni, and Stardust, which are designed to enhance the efficiency of cannabis processing tasks such as pre-roll infusion and vape cartridge filling. Their innovative use of AI and computer vision technology positions them as a leader in reducing labor costs and improving production accuracy in cannabis manufacturing.

Founded: 2018

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Sorting Robotics, an innovative player in the tech-driven automation sector, is a standout firm focused on the burgeoning cannabis industry. Incorporated after a successful launch supported by Y-Combinator, the Los Angeles-based company specializes in developing sophisticated robotics solutions aimed at optimizing and streamlining cannabis processing operations. The company’s flagship products include the Jiko, an automated pre-roll infusion robot; the Omni, a desktop vape cartridge filling machine; and the Stardust, a robot designed for automated pre-roll dusting. These products are crafted to significantly reduce manual labor by automating repetitive tasks, which in turn helps cannabis businesses scale their production efficiently and reliably. Jiko, for example, is engineered to infuse various types of cannabis pre-rolls with a range of concentrates, leveraging controlled pressure and temperature to ensure consistent quality. The machine’s design allows for a high output of approximately 800 infusions per hour, managed by a single operator through a sophisticated touchscreen interface. The Omni, on the other hand, focuses on the vape market. It can fill 100 vape cartridges in just 75 seconds, which dramatically cuts down the time and labor traditionally required for this task. This machine's precision in dosing ensures product consistency, a critical factor in the consumer experience. Sorting Robotics’ commitment to innovation extends to its use of artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, particularly evident in the Stardust robot. This system is designed to precisely place finished cannabis products in their packaging, enhancing the speed and accuracy of the final stages of production. The company's technological prowess is matched by robust customer support, including dedicated Slack channels for real-time assistance and ongoing consultation to refine and optimize the use of their machines. This comprehensive support structure ensures that clients can maximize the return on their investment in Sorting Robotics' systems. Sorting Robotics stands out for its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve practical problems in the cannabis industry, facilitating a transition to more automated and efficient production methods that promise to redefine the sector.

Management Team

Nohtal Partansky Co-Founder, CEO
Cassio Santos Co-Founder, CTO
Andrew Wells Chief of Staff

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