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Solugen is a pioneering chemical company leveraging biotechnology to produce sustainable chemicals. Positioned as the world's first sustainable molecule factory, Solugen's Bioforge technology uses engineered enzymes and metal catalysis to transform plant-based materials into essential chemicals with significantly reduced emissions and waste.

Founded: 2016

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Solugen Company Overview

Founded on the principle of decarbonizing the chemical industry, Solugen represents a revolutionary step in sustainable manufacturing. The company distinguishes itself by operating the world’s first "Bioforge" — an advanced facility designed to synthesize chemicals using renewable feedstocks. This method contrasts sharply with traditional chemical manufacturing, which often relies heavily on petroleum or natural gas. At its core, Solugen’s Bioforge utilizes a unique combination of computationally engineered enzymes and metal catalysis. This innovative approach allows for the conversion of plant-derived substances into various chemicals required for daily life while minimizing environmental impact. The process starts with sustainable feedstocks which undergo an efficient conversion process in an enzyme oxidation reactor. These materials are then processed using engineered metal catalysts to achieve higher selectivity and conversion rates at lower temperatures compared to conventional methods. Solugen’s product range is diverse, addressing needs across multiple sectors including agriculture, water treatment, energy, concrete production, cleaning, and personal care. Each product is designed to offer a sustainable alternative to its conventional counterparts, contributing to reduced carbon footprints and enhanced environmental sustainability. The company was co-founded by individuals deeply committed to environmental and economic sustainability, aiming to scale up the technology rapidly and apply it globally. This scalability is a key feature of Solugen's business model, with the potential to decentralize chemical manufacturing and improve safety and sustainability worldwide. Solugen's innovation has not only earned it a place at the forefront of green chemistry but also positions it as a leader in the broader movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible industrial sector.

Management Team

Gaurab Chakrabarti Ph.D Co-Founder, CEO
Xiangyu Liu CFO
Travis Thibodeaux COO
Sean Hunt Ph.D Co-Founder, CTO
Scott Robertson Chief Commercial Officer

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