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Solubag is a pioneering enterprise offering an innovative alternative to traditional plastic bags. Their patented, water-soluble bags are designed to combat plastic pollution by providing a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that dissolves in water. These versatile bags cater to a variety of uses, from everyday shopping to specialty applications, promoting a sustainable, plastic-free environment.

Founded: 2020

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Founded in response to the global plastic waste crisis, Solubag has introduced a groundbreaking solution to traditional plastic bags. Their unique product, the Solubag, is crafted using patented technology that employs polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), traditionally derived from crude oil. However, Solubag has innovated by sourcing natural materials instead, significantly enhancing the environmental friendliness of their products. Solubag's product line is distinguished by its versatility, offering characteristics similar to conventional plastic, such as firmness, elasticity, flexibility, and resistance, yet it is entirely plastic-free and non-toxic. These bags can dissolve in water at temperatures of 185°F and above, a feature that not only prevents environmental contamination but also allows the bags to be safely ingested by wildlife without harm, should they end up in natural habitats. The company's commitment to sustainability is further underscored by the reusability of their products, challenging the single-use plastic paradigm. Solubag’s offerings range from thin, cold water-soluble films to thicker, hot water-soluble bags, designed to meet diverse consumer needs. This adaptability makes Solubag an appealing choice for businesses looking to make an environmentally responsible switch in their packaging materials. Solubag's influence extends beyond product innovation. They actively encourage retailers and consumers alike to transition towards a plastic-free future, emphasizing the ease of integration of their products into everyday life. With a clear vision and continuous innovation, Solubag is steering the path towards a sustainable future, advocating for significant reductions in plastic waste globally.

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Cristian Olivares Co-Founder, CEO
Mike Latham President

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