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Socure is a leader in digital identity verification, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer real-time identity validation. Its comprehensive platform enhances fraud prevention and compliance across various industries by utilizing extensive data sources to maximize accuracy and customer growth without sacrificing security.

Founded: 2012

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Socure Company Overview

Founded with a vision to revolutionize identity verification, Socure has emerged as a top provider in digital identity solutions. The company's proprietary platform, ID+, integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to offer predictive analytics for real-time and highly accurate identity verification. This platform is particularly adept at reducing false positives and enhancing auto-approval rates for clients across sectors including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. Socure's offerings include a range of solutions such as KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, fraud prevention, and synthetic identity detection, all designed to streamline client operations and ensure regulatory adherence. The platform achieves this by analyzing vast arrays of data points across various identity elements like email, phone number, and address, enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiency. Socure has established itself as a leader in the identity verification market, recognized for its advanced capabilities and innovative approaches. This recognition emphasizes Socure's key role in addressing identity fraud and building trust in digital interactions, highlighting its impact on improving safety and reliability in online environments. Socure's continuous innovation and commitment to accuracy have enabled it to partner with leading financial institutions and tech companies, paving the way for future expansions and technological advancements in digital identity verification.

Management Team

Johnny Ayers CEO
Pablo Abreu Chief Product and Analytics Officer
Krish Venkataraman CFO
Rhon Daguro Chief Revenue Officer
Rong Cao SVP of Technologies

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