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Socotra offers a cloud-native policy administration system for the insurance industry, providing solutions for P&C, life, annuity, and health insurers. Their platform enables rapid deployment, flexible integration, and streamlined policy management. Socotra’s ecosystem includes pre-integrated apps, open APIs, and a marketplace, enhancing efficiency and innovation in insurance operations.

Founded: 2014

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Founded to revolutionize the insurance industry, Socotra provides a cloud-native policy administration system designed for property and casualty (P&C), life, annuity, and health insurers. The company focuses on delivering an integrated, off-the-shelf platform that facilitates speed-to-market and flexibility. Socotra’s solutions include CorePlus for homeowners and personal auto insurance, which are ready for rapid deployment and configurable to meet specific business needs. Socotra’s core platform leverages open APIs, enabling seamless integration with various software and data services, thereby reducing the complexity and cost associated with traditional policy administration systems. This approach ensures that insurers can quickly update products and add new features without extensive integration projects. The company’s Unified Portal enhances producer and customer interactions by creating user-friendly experiences and automated workflows, accelerating policy sales and service. The Socotra App MarketPlace offers a wide array of pre-integrated apps from leading software and data providers. This unique marketplace allows insurers to access tools for claims management, payment processing, AI, and geospatial data for risk evaluation, all of which can be implemented swiftly to enhance operational efficiency and product offerings. Socotra’s commitment to innovation and efficiency is evident in its ecosystem of partners, which provides comprehensive solutions from payment processing to risk modeling. By focusing on a true cloud-native platform, Socotra eliminates the risks and expenses of legacy software, offering a modern, reliable, and secure solution for today’s insurance market. Socotra’s leadership in the industry is marked by its significant growth and industry recognition, positioning it as a preferred provider for insurers seeking cutting-edge technology and improved operational performance.

Management Team

Dan Woods CEO and Founder
Ekine Akuiyibo Chief Business Officer
George Ravich Chief Marketing Officer

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