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Smule is a dynamic online karaoke platform that invites users to engage in solo or collaborative singing experiences. It offers a vast library of over 14 million songs complete with lyrics, spanning various languages and genres. The platform provides innovative features such as voice effects and video filters to enhance the singing experience, making it appealing for both casual singers and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Founded: 2008

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Smule Company Overview

Founded by Jeff Smith and Ge Wang, Smule has transformed the way people think about music interaction. The platform was conceived with the vision of connecting the world through music, fostering a community where users can sing, create, and share their performances virtually. Smule offers a diverse range of songs and musical compositions, accessible to users worldwide, encouraging them to express themselves musically regardless of their geographical location. The core feature of Smule is its social singing app, which not only allows users to perform solos but also to join others in duets or group performances, regardless of where they are. This feature harnesses the power of technology to synchronize voices and video, creating a seamless collaborative experience. Additionally, Smule integrates voice effects and video filters, which users can apply to their performances to create professional-quality recordings. Smule's platform supports a variety of languages and musical genres, making it a globally accessible and inclusive tool for musical expression. It caters to a broad audience, from amateur singers who just want to have fun and relax, to more serious musicians looking to explore and enhance their musical talents. The interactive nature of Smule's features, such as the ability to share performances on social media and engage with other users through likes and comments, adds a layer of social connectivity, further enriching the user experience. Furthermore, Smule has leveraged partnerships with renowned music labels and artists, continually expanding its song database to include the latest hits alongside classic favorites. This strategy not only enhances user engagement by providing fresh content but also supports artists by promoting their music to a broad and diverse audience. As Smule continues to innovate and expand, it remains focused on its mission to connect the world through music, making singing and musical creativity widely accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This commitment to music and technology makes Smule a compelling platform for users, enhancing the intersection of music, technology, and community engagement.

Management Team

Jeffrey Smith Co-Founder, CEO
Bill Bradford President
Sharon Segev Chief Financial and Legal Officer
Eric Dumas CTO, General Manager Bulgaria

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