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SmartAsset is a prominent fintech enterprise based in New York City, established in 2012. The company excels in offering a variety of financial tools and resources, including calculators and detailed guides across personal finance topics. SmartAsset’s hallmark service, SmartAdvisor, connects individuals with financial advisors, enhancing the decision-making process for users across financial spectrums. The company aims to educate and assist millions in navigating complex financial decisions more effectively.

Founded: 2012

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SmartAsset Company Overview

SmartAsset was founded in July 2012 by Michael Carvin and Philip Camilleri, originating from Y Combinator's startup accelerator. Initially focusing on tools for homebuyers, the company has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of financial calculators and educational content that cover various topics such as taxes, retirement, and investments. The company's primary product, SmartAdvisor, matches consumers with financial advisors tailored to their financial situations and preferences, reportedly facilitating thousands of matches monthly. SmartAsset also offers a plethora of tools and calculators designed to simplify complex financial decisions. These resources span from tax calculations to retirement planning and are tailored to users at different financial stages, reaching about 75 million people monthly with their educational content. SmartAsset's business model focuses on providing free access to financial tools, while generating revenue through advisor referral fees and financial product recommendations. This approach allows users to access high-quality financial advice and planning tools without an initial cost. The financial advisors connected through the SmartAdvisor platform may charge their own fees, but the matching service itself helps users find advisors suited to their specific financial needs and goals. This strategy emphasizes SmartAsset's commitment to making financial planning and advice accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, SmartAsset contributes to financial education through its research studies and partnerships that enhance the availability and quality of financial advice. Its research has informed various economic and demographic topics, helping to shape public understanding and policies related to personal finance. This multifaceted approach underscores SmartAsset's commitment to empowering individuals to better manage and understand their finances, making it a significant player in the fintech landscape.

Management Team

Michael Carvin CEO, Co-Founder
Dave Frisone Chief Revenue Officer
Aniket Gune Chief Product Officer
Dave Jones CFO
Meghan Lapides Chief People Officer
Chris Taylor Chief Marketing Officer

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