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Skytap is a leading cloud service provider specializing in migrating and running IBM Power and x86 workloads in the cloud without requiring refactoring. Leveraging platforms like Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud, Skytap supports businesses in achieving cloud scalability and agility, integrating advanced services like AI and analytics while providing solutions for application development, disaster recovery, and virtual IT labs.

Founded: 2006

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Skytap, Inc., founded with the vision to facilitate the cloud migration of traditional workloads, offers a distinctive infrastructure-as-a-service that allows businesses to migrate their IBM Power and x86 workloads to the cloud without the need for refactoring. This service is uniquely tailored to preserve the native environment of legacy applications while enabling integration with modern cloud capabilities. Skytap's strategic partnerships with major cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud, allow the seamless execution of complex, mission-critical applications in the cloud. This capability is pivotal for companies looking to leverage cloud benefits such as scalability, disaster recovery, and cost efficiency without the risks or costs associated with traditional migration methods. The company’s offerings are comprehensive and cater to a variety of business needs including application development and testing, high availability, and disaster recovery. Skytap's Virtual IT Labs provide a robust environment for training, demos, and proof-of-concept development, which are essential for accelerating software development and delivery processes. Skytap's business solutions are trusted by a wide range of industries, reflecting the company's capacity to adapt to diverse enterprise requirements. The acquisition by Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, marks a significant milestone in Skytap’s expansion, promising to enhance its services with Kyndryl's extensive resources and expertise in IT infrastructure management. Operating globally with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Skytap continues to innovate and lead in the cloud services sector, driving forward the possibilities of cloud adaptation for legacy systems and modern applications alike. This approach not only preserves the integrity and functionality of existing systems but also empowers businesses to embrace new technologies and advancements without disruption.