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SKIMS is a pioneering fashion brand specializing in shapewear, loungewear, and undergarments designed to enhance body confidence. Established by Kim Kardashian, the brand has rapidly expanded its product range to include innovative solutions that cater to a diverse array of body types and skin tones, establishing itself as a key player in the inclusive fashion movement.

Founded: 2019

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Skims Company Overview

Founded by media personality Kim Kardashian and Swedish entrepreneurs Emma and Jens Grede, SKIMS emerged as a response to the lack of inclusive and comfortable shapewear in the fashion industry. Kardashian's vision was to create a product line that not only serves aesthetic purposes but also empowers individuals by embracing all body types. SKIMS distinguishes itself by offering an extensive range of sizes and shades, ensuring that each customer finds a product that feels tailored to their needs. The brand initially launched focusing on shapewear but has since diversified into other areas, including loungewear, intimates, and accessories. Each product is designed with cutting-edge fabric technology, which is central to the brand's identity, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics. SKIMS' strategic marketing campaigns often feature celebrities and influencers from various backgrounds, further promoting its message of inclusivity. A key factor in SKIMS' success has been its direct-to-consumer business model, which leverages social media platforms to engage with a global audience. This approach has enabled SKIMS to adjust quickly to market demands and maintain a strong connection with its customer base. Moreover, limited edition drops and collaborations with high-profile designers keep the brand in the public eye and maintain consumer interest. SKIMS is not just a clothing line; it's a cultural phenomenon that continues to shape the conversation around fashion and body positivity, making it an attractive prospect for investors looking at innovative brands with a strong market presence.

Management Team

Kim Kardashian Co-Founder
Jens Grede Co-Founder and CEO
Emma Grede Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
Robert Norton Chief Commercial Officer

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