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Skai is a leading omnichannel marketing platform that offers AI-powered solutions for media activation, optimization, and measurement across search, social, retail media, and app marketing. Skai helps businesses unify their advertising efforts, leverage data insights, and maximize ROI through strategic planning and execution.

Founded: 2006

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Skai Company Overview

Skai, formerly known as Kenshoo, is a prominent omnichannel marketing platform established to enhance digital advertising performance through data-driven strategies and AI-powered solutions. Founded with a mission to simplify and optimize media campaigns, Skai integrates over 100 publishers and retail media networks, providing a comprehensive view of clients' paid media programs. The platform serves a variety of roles and solutions, including heads of media, retail media, search, social, and app marketing. Key products offered by Skai include the Skai Decision Pro, which utilizes AI to identify investment opportunities and guide budget allocation for maximum impact, and their omnichannel activation services that streamline media programs across multiple channels. Skai's platform also includes advanced capabilities for marketing measurement, such as incrementality and cross-channel attribution, ensuring that businesses can accurately assess and improve their advertising strategies. Skai's leadership team comprises experienced professionals committed to innovation and client success. The company emphasizes values like corporate responsibility, data privacy, and security, ensuring that their solutions not only drive performance but also adhere to ethical standards. With a focus on transforming insights into actionable strategies, Skai helps businesses navigate the complexities of digital marketing and achieve their advertising goals.

Management Team

Yoav Izhar-Prato CEO, Co-Founder
Alon Sheafer Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder
Nir Cohen CTO, Co-Founder
Shirley Grill-Rachman COO
Zohar Cohen CFO
Gil Sadeh Chief Growth Officer
Guy Cohen Chief Product Officer
Sandy Shanman Chief Revenue Officer
Margo Kahnrose CMO
Nir Feldman Chief Engineering and Data Officer
Kate DuBois Executive Vice President Omnichannel, Growth
Nich Weinheimer Executive Vice President, Strategy
Paul Vallez Executive Vice President Business Development, Publishers

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