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SingleStore is a leading data platform engineered for real-time applications and analytics. It enables businesses to transact, analyze, and contextualize vast amounts of data with ultra-low latency, supporting high concurrency and multi-model data integration. Widely chosen by global leaders, SingleStore's solutions power critical data-driven applications across industries, making it a pivotal tool for enterprises pursuing immediate data insights.

SingleStore Company Overview

SingleStore, initially known as MemSQL, is a pioneering data management system that redefined real-time data processing by integrating rowstore and columnstore technologies into a single, universal storage solution. This innovation enhances speed and scalability, accommodating vast amounts of data with low-latency operations. The platform manages various data types, including relational, JSON, and vector, and is especially adept at handling real-time analytics at petabyte scale. The founders, Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov, who had previously sharpened their skills at Facebook, designed SingleStore to address the limitations of traditional databases that struggled with large-scale and real-time data needs. Their vision was clear: to create a database solution that not only supports high-speed transactions but also provides deep analytical capabilities without compromising on performance. SingleStore's database system is remarkable for its ability to process millions of transactions per second while supporting over 100,000 concurrent users, a feature critical for enterprises that manage large, dynamic datasets. This high throughput and concurrency make it an ideal choice for major companies that rely on real-time data for strategic decision-making. The platform is widely used by global leaders for various applications, from operational analytics and fraud detection to real-time user behavior analytics and AI-driven insights. These capabilities demonstrate SingleStore's utility in environments where speed and data accuracy are paramount. Moreover, recent enhancements have equipped SingleStore with advanced search capabilities, better positioning it to support applications in generative AI, further broadening its use cases across different industries. This adaptability and performance excellence highlight why SingleStore is a cornerstone for businesses that prioritize agility and immediate insights from their data ecosystems.

Management Team

Raj Verma CEO
Adam Prout CTO, Co-Founder
Brad Kinnish CFO
Paul Forte Chief Revenue Officer
Meaghan Nelson General Counsel
Mick Charles SVP Human Resources
Sanjay Aurora SVP Marketing
Shireesh Thota SVP Engineering
Yatharth Gupta SVP Product Management

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