SiMa Technologies, Inc.

Artificial Intelligence Stock specializes in machine learning solutions for embedded edge applications, offering the high-performance, energy-efficient Machine Learning System-on-Chip (MLSoC™). This technology is tailored for sectors like automotive, healthcare, and smart vision, providing accessible and simplified ML deployment through their software suite, including Palette Edgematic™.

Founded: 2018 Website Company Overview is at the forefront of simplifying machine learning deployment for embedded edge applications. Their flagship product, the Machine Learning System-on-Chip (MLSoC™), is designed to deliver exceptional performance and power efficiency, making it suitable for a wide range of industries including automotive, industrial robotics, healthcare, smart vision, drones, and government applications. The MLSoC™ platform is renowned for its ability to scale and deploy machine learning models seamlessly, offering high accuracy and low latency. This capability is crucial for applications where real-time processing and decision-making are essential. Complementing the hardware is’s comprehensive software suite, including the Palette Edgematic™. This software provides a push-button experience that significantly simplifies the process of migrating Python machine learning models from the cloud to edge devices. This ease of use is central to's mission of making machine learning deployment straightforward and efficient, even for users with limited ML expertise. Beyond their core products, has built a robust ecosystem to support rapid development and deployment of AI solutions. The MLSoC™ DevKit is a key component of this ecosystem, enabling developers to efficiently prototype and test their AI models. This kit accelerates the development process, reducing the time to market for new AI applications.'s commitment to innovation is also evident in its strategic collaborations with industry leaders across various sectors. These partnerships not only enhance the capabilities of their solutions but also push the boundaries of what is possible with edge AI technology. Recognized for their contributions to the industry, has received accolades for their innovative approach and impactful solutions. The company’s vision is to democratize access to advanced AI technologies, ensuring that powerful machine learning capabilities are accessible and effective for all embedded edge applications. By continually advancing their technology and expanding their ecosystem, is well-positioned to lead the market in edge AI solutions, driving the future of intelligent, autonomous systems.

Management Team

Krishna Rangasayee Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Samara Chief Business Officer

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