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Sift is an AI-powered platform specializing in fraud detection and prevention. It helps businesses secure growth by leveraging extensive data analysis to identify and mitigate risks such as payment fraud, account takeover, and policy abuse. Trusted by hundreds of brands, Sift combines advanced machine learning with real-time decision-making to provide comprehensive protection against fraud.

Founded: 2011

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Sift Company Overview

Sift is a leading provider of AI-powered fraud detection and prevention solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, Sift was established with the vision of transforming fraud management through advanced technology. The platform offers a suite of products designed to protect businesses from various types of fraud, including payment fraud, account takeover, chargeback fraud, and policy abuse. Sift's core strength lies in its ability to leverage a vast data consortium, analyzing billions of data points to deliver precise, real-time fraud detection and prevention. The platform uses machine learning to adapt to evolving fraud tactics, providing businesses with robust security while maintaining a seamless user experience. Key products include Payment Protection, Content Integrity, Account Defense, and Dispute Management, all integrated into a comprehensive ecosystem that supports a range of industries from e-commerce to fintech. Sift’s innovation is underscored by its 40+ patents and partnerships with industry leaders. The company’s AI-driven approach not only mitigates risks but also transforms them into opportunities for growth by enhancing operational efficiency and customer trust. Recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave for Digital Fraud Management, Sift continues to set benchmarks in the industry, helping businesses navigate the complexities of digital fraud with confidence and agility.

Management Team

Marc Olesen President & CEO
Jason Tan Founder & Executive Chairman
Beth Gillbrand VP Business Operations
Neeraj Gupta SVP Engineering & Cloud Operations
Geoff Huang VP Product
Melissa Siems VP Marketing
Liz Kosinski VP People Operations
Eva Gutierrez VP Legal and Compliance
Matt Camassa SVP Worldwide Sales

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