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Developer of an AI cloud-based data security platform designed to improve the insurance claims process. The company's platform uses an AI-based fraud detection tool, which analyses hundreds of millions of claims to identify potential fraud, enabling fraud handlers to scale their capacity and add efficiency to easily process claims.

Founded: 2014

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Shift Technology Company Overview

Shift Technology is a trailblazer in artificial intelligence solutions tailored for the insurance industry. Headquartered in Paris, France, the company specializes in AI-driven products that optimize decision-making across fraud detection, underwriting risk, claims intake, and document processing. Their flagship offerings include solutions for fraud detection, improper payment identification, and subrogation analysis, all integrated into a comprehensive insurance decisioning platform. Shift Technology’s fraud detection solutions provide contextual guidance for investigators, identifying fraudulent activities with high precision. The improper payment detection system ensures issues are caught at multiple levels, while subrogation detection analyzes claims data in real-time to identify recovery opportunities. This integration of capabilities ensures seamless operations across various insurance functions, enhancing both accuracy and efficiency. The company serves a global clientele, including six of the top ten U.S. property and casualty insurers and five of the top ten global insurers. With over 115 customers in 25 countries, Shift Technology's AI solutions have a broad and significant impact on the industry. The company's technology meticulously analyzes millions of policies and claims, contributing to the digital transformation of the insurance sector by improving accuracy, operational efficiency, and cost savings. A key strength of Shift Technology is its dedicated team of over 200 insurance-focused data scientists, the largest AI-focused team in the industry. This team drives continuous innovation, ensuring that Shift remains at the cutting edge of AI advancements. The company is committed to explainable AI, ensuring transparency and trust in their automated decision-making processes, which enhances client confidence and satisfaction. By delivering advanced, trustworthy AI solutions, Shift Technology helps insurers combat fraud, streamline operations, and improve overall performance. Their commitment to innovation and excellence positions Shift Technology as a leader in AI-powered insurance solutions, driving significant advancements and efficiencies within the global insurance industry.

Management Team

Jeremy Jawish Co-Founder and CEO
David Durrleman Co-Founder and CTO
Arnaud Grapinet Chief Data Scientist
Nathalie Parent Chief People Officer
Eric Sibony Co-Founder & CSO

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