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Shield AI is a pioneering defense technology company that specializes in developing autonomous systems for military and commercial use. With a flagship product, Hivemind, the company aims to enhance operational efficiency and safety through AI-driven pilots capable of functioning without GPS or human oversight. Shield AI's solutions are deployed globally, strengthening both aerial defense strategies and civilian applications like cargo transportation.

Founded: 2015

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Shield AI Company Overview

Founded with the mission to modernize battlefield and aviation safety, Shield AI stands at the forefront of autonomous technology. The company's premier innovation, Hivemind, serves as an AI pilot that can operate swarms of drones and aircraft autonomously in challenging environments, eliminating the need for GPS, communications, or human pilots. Since its inception, Hivemind has been deployed in combat scenarios, including indoor building clearance and air defense, showcasing its adaptability and effectiveness. The range of aircraft powered by Hivemind includes cutting-edge solutions such as the V-BAT, a versatile, combat-tested unmanned aerial system (UAS) and Nova 2, designed for close-quarters combat and recognized for its high performance under demanding conditions. Both systems reflect Shield AI’s commitment to creating minimal infrastructure requirements and reducing operational costs, making them suitable for a variety of military and commercial purposes. Shield AI also focuses on integrating its AI technology across different aircraft platforms, including modern jets and the next-generation air fleets, underlining its role in transforming aerial combat and logistics operations. The company's strategic approach not only protects service members and civilians but also aims to shift the paradigm in defense and civilian sectors towards more sustainable, safe, and strategically advantageous AI-driven systems.

Management Team

Ryan Tseng CEO
Brandon Tseng President
Nathan Michael CTO
Andrew Dimitruk COO
Francois Chadwick CFO
Tricia Yankovich CPO

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