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Sentry provides application performance monitoring and error tracking software that helps organizations identify, debug, and resolve issues in real time. Its features include performance monitoring, session replay, code coverage, and platform integrations to enhance application performance and user experience. Supporting multiple programming languages and frameworks, Sentry ensures data security and compliance, leveraging its open-source origins and active community engagement to remain a leader in application monitoring solutions.

Founded: 2012

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Sentry Company Overview

Sentry is a leading platform for application performance monitoring and error tracking, assisting developers worldwide in maintaining and enhancing their software. The platform offers tools for real-time issue identification, debugging, and resolution, reducing downtime and optimizing user experience. Its key features include error monitoring, performance tracking, session replay, and code coverage, which offer comprehensive insights into application health and performance. Sentry supports a variety of programming languages and frameworks, making it adaptable to different development environments. It integrates seamlessly with popular development tools, facilitating streamlined workflows and automated issue tracking. The founders, aiming to empower developers to fix issues without slowing down development, created Sentry with features like distributed tracing and session replay for efficient debugging. Security and compliance are prioritized, using industry-standard technologies to protect user data. Sentry's open-source origins and community engagement keep it at the forefront of application monitoring solutions, trusted by numerous organizations globally. The platform's commitment to improving developer productivity and ensuring high-quality user experiences makes it an essential tool in modern software development.

Management Team

Milin Desai CEO
David Cramer Co-founder & CTO
Chris Jennings Co-founder
Todd Bazakas CFO

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