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Sennder is a leading European digital freight forwarder, leveraging technology to optimize road logistics. It connects shippers with a vast network of carriers, offering cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Founded: 2015

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Sennder Company Overview

Sennder revolutionizes the road freight industry through its innovative digital platform. The company directly connects shippers with carriers, eliminating traditional intermediaries to enhance transparency and cost efficiency. Sennder’s proprietary technology, sennOS, optimizes the entire shipping process, from real-time tracking to load matching, ensuring a seamless logistics experience. Operating across numerous European markets, Sennder manages tens of thousands of loads monthly, supported by a robust network of hundreds of thousands of vehicles. The company’s focus on sustainability is reflected in its integration of advanced biofuels, electric vehicles, and intermodal transport options, all aimed at significantly reducing carbon emissions. Sennder emphasizes service quality and reliability, providing tailored logistics solutions and dedicated support to meet diverse shipping needs. Its technological edge and commitment to innovation enable efficient freight management, helping clients achieve greater operational efficiency and reduced costs. With a presence in key European cities, Sennder continues to expand its market reach, driven by a mission to transform the logistics industry through digitalization and sustainability. The company's growth and success are underpinned by its strategic use of technology to address the evolving challenges in road freight logistics, positioning Sennder as a leader in the digital freight forwarding sector.

Management Team

Julius Koehler Co-founder & Managing Director
David Nothacker Co-founder & Managing Director
Nicholas Schefenacker Co-founder & Managing Director

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