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Self, Inc. is a pioneering fintech company focused on facilitating credit building and financial independence. Their primary services, the Self Credit Builder Loan and Self Visa® Credit Card, are uniquely designed to assist individuals in enhancing their credit scores. These products offer a dual benefit of improving financial literacy while fostering a habit of savings, catering specifically to those with limited credit history aiming for a better financial future.

Founded: 2015

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Founded to provide accessible financial tools, Self, Inc. focuses on empowering consumers with poor or no credit history to enhance their financial standing. The company believes that building a strong credit score is crucial for financial health and offers products tailored to help individuals achieve this. Self, Inc. offers the Self Credit Builder Loan, which allows customers to save money while building credit. Payments made towards the loan are reported to credit bureaus, thereby aiding in credit score improvement. Additionally, the Self Visa® Credit Card is available to users who have shown a pattern of regular savings and on-time payments through the Credit Builder Loan, further supporting credit building. The company employs a simple, secure online platform that not only facilitates the management of these financial products but also provides educational resources on credit building. These resources aim to demystify credit scores and financial principles, making them accessible to a broader audience. Self, Inc. was established by a team passionate about financial inclusion, led by individuals with extensive experience in fintech and consumer finance. The founders were motivated by the challenges they observed in the financial industry, especially the barriers faced by those with limited access to traditional banking services. As of its latest updates, Self has garnered positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and the effectiveness of its products in improving credit scores. The company's commitment to customer education and financial empowerment continues to resonate with users, as evidenced by the growth in its customer base and positive reviews.

Management Team

James Garvey Co-Founder and CEO
Adam Chibib CFO
Chris LaConte Chief Strategy Officer
Kathleen Leonik Chief Compliance Officer
David McCann CTO
Brett Billick Chief Marketing Officer

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