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Seismic is a leading global platform specializing in sales enablement solutions. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Seismic's offerings help businesses optimize their go-to-market strategies, increase revenue growth, and enhance buyer engagement through targeted training, content management, and personalized customer interactions.

Founded: 2010

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Seismic Company Overview

Founded to revolutionize the sales enablement landscape, Seismic provides an integrated platform that supports organizations in streamlining their sales and marketing efforts. The platform is engineered to enhance content accessibility and usability across customer-facing teams, driving significant improvements in engagement, efficiency, and business outcomes. Seismic's product suite includes solutions for sales content management, buyer engagement, content automation, and learning and coaching. These tools leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content and actionable insights, enabling sales representatives to tailor their interactions based on real-time customer data. The company serves a diverse range of industries including financial services, healthcare, and technology, catering to the unique needs of enterprise and mid-market businesses. Seismic's commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous product enhancements and strategic partnerships, which ensure its solutions remain at the forefront of the sales enablement industry. Noteworthy among Seismic’s offerings are its Digital Sales Rooms and the Seismic Enablement Cloud™, which collectively provide a dynamic environment for sales teams to engage with prospects effectively. The platform's impact is further amplified by its integrations with major CRM systems, such as Salesforce, enhancing its utility and adoption. Under the leadership of its visionary founders, Seismic has not only achieved a leading position in analyst reports but also secured a loyal customer base, including many Fortune 500 companies. The firm's focus on customer success is supported by comprehensive professional services and a dedicated customer success team, ensuring clients maximize their investment in Seismic’s technology.

Management Team

Doug Winter CEO
Marc Romano CTO
Ed Calnan CRO
Randy Wootton CSO & President
Michael Londgren CMO
Andy Bergen CCO

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