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SecurityScorecard offers a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that enhances organizations' ability to understand, manage, and mitigate their cyber risks. The platform provides real-time, actionable insights through advanced analytics and security ratings, empowering businesses to safeguard their digital ecosystems against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

SecurityScorecard Company Overview

Founded by experts in the cybersecurity field, SecurityScorecard has developed a leading-edge platform that provides detailed cybersecurity ratings and risk assessments for businesses. This platform leverages vast data analytics and proprietary algorithms to produce an 'outside-in' view of security postures, essentially grading companies from A to F on their cyber hygiene. The company’s innovative products include features for third-party risk management, attack surface intelligence, and automatic vendor detection. These tools help organizations identify vulnerabilities within their own systems and across their supply chains, enhancing their responsiveness to emerging threats. SecurityScorecard is trusted by a wide array of industries, including finance, healthcare, and government, underscoring its reputation as a critical tool in modern cybersecurity defenses. Its offerings are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security operations centers (SOCs), enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency. The company continues to lead in cybersecurity innovation, frequently updating its services and platform to address the evolving digital threat landscape. This commitment to advancement positions SecurityScorecard as a pivotal entity in the field of cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity solutions.

Management Team

Aleksandr Yampolskiy CEO & Co-founder
Sam Kassoumeh COO & Founder
Mag Goossens Chief People Officer
Todd Graber CFO
Bill Hogan CRO
Christos Kalantzis CTO
Sachin Bansal General Counsel
Dolly J. Krishnaswamy Chief of Staff

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