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Secure Code Warrior is developing an online secure coding platform designed to provide cyber protection for in-house and outsourced coders. The company's system uses a mix of gamification techniques to aid learning and increase adoption across an organization and supports a wide range of programming languages and frameworks that power modern software.

Management Team

Pieter Danhieux Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer
Jim Stuebner Chief Financial Officer
Junie Dinda Chief Marketing and Operating Officer
Matias Madou Ph.D Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Patrick Collins Chief Product and Technology Officer
Fatemah Beydoun Co-Founder, and Chief Customer Officer
Lisa Feher Chief People Officer
David McKeough Chief Sales Officer
Colin Wong Co-Founder, Chief Dragon Slayer, and Director of Product Innovation
Jaap Singh Co-Founder and Director of Customer Strategy
Nathan Desmet Co-Founder and Principal Engineer

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