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SeatGeek is a premier ticket platform offering a seamless way to purchase tickets to a wide range of live events including sports games, concerts, and theatrical performances. With a user-friendly interface, it serves as a gateway for fans to access and enjoy their favorite events effortlessly.

Founded: 2009

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SeatGeek Company Overview

Founded with the vision of improving the ticket purchasing experience, SeatGeek provides a comprehensive platform for fans to buy tickets to various live events, ranging from major sports leagues like MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL to concerts and Broadway shows. The company stands out in the ticketing market due to its innovative approach to ticket search and pricing, featuring a system that aggregates multiple ticket sellers to help users find the best possible deals. SeatGeek’s user-friendly platform supports both mobile and desktop users, offering features such as interactive seating maps and price forecasting tools that predict ticket price changes, enhancing the buying decision process. The company also caters to event organizers through SeatGeek Enterprise, which offers ticketing technology solutions tailored to their needs. The founders aimed to transform the ticket purchasing process by integrating a more transparent and efficient online system that benefits both buyers and sellers of tickets. This customer-centric approach has not only garnered a loyal user base but also positioned SeatGeek as a significant player in the ticketing industry, known for innovation and customer satisfaction.

Management Team

Jack Groetzinger CEO & Co-founder
Paulo Cunha President
Russell D'Souza Co-founder
Brian D. Murphy CTO
Steve Ritter Chief Data Scientist

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