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ScienceLogic is a leading provider of AIOps and IT infrastructure monitoring solutions. Its SL1 platform integrates AI and machine learning to enhance visibility, automate IT operations, and streamline workflows across hybrid cloud environments. ScienceLogic supports a range of industries including enterprise IT, service providers, and government sectors, helping organizations improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Founded: 2003

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ScienceLogic Company Overview

ScienceLogic is a prominent player in the AIOps and IT infrastructure monitoring space. The company’s flagship product, the SL1 platform, leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide comprehensive visibility, automate IT operations, and streamline workflows across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. ScienceLogic's solutions cater to a diverse array of industries such as enterprise IT, global system integrators, service providers, and the public sector, addressing the unique challenges of each. The SL1 platform offers robust capabilities, including hybrid cloud monitoring, network management, IT workflow automation, and compliance checks. It integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party tools and technologies, supporting a wide range of IT ecosystems. ScienceLogic’s AIOps solution enhances incident response times, reduces event noise, and optimizes resource allocation through intelligent automation. Key features of the SL1 platform include cross-domain visibility, proactive monitoring, and automated troubleshooting, which collectively enable organizations to maintain high levels of service performance and operational efficiency. Additionally, the platform's scalability and flexible deployment models (on-premises, public cloud, or SaaS) ensure it can adapt to the evolving needs of businesses. ScienceLogic has been recognized by industry analysts and has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, demonstrated by its multiple TrustRadius 'Top Rated' awards. With its innovative technology and commitment to excellence, ScienceLogic continues to drive digital transformation and operational agility for its clients.

Management Team

David Link CEO, Founder
Patrick McCoy CFO
Richard Chart Chief Scientist, Co-Founder
Michael Nappi Chief Product Officer
Todd McNabb President, Chief Revenue Officer
Todd Harris Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel

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