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Scale AI is a pioneering technology company focused on enhancing the capabilities of artificial intelligence through data. They specialize in data annotation, model evaluation, and generative AI solutions, catering to various sectors including automotive, defense, and general enterprise applications. Scale AI's technology enables businesses to build more advanced AI models by improving data quality and model reliability.

Founded: 2016

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Founded in the tech-savvy era of big data and artificial intelligence, Scale AI has carved out a niche in enhancing AI applications by focusing on data improvement and model training solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services such as the Scale Data Engine and Scale GenAI Platform, which help in annotating, curating, and collecting high-quality data for AI models. This is particularly valuable in the development of generative AI and reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) applications. The founders have strategically positioned the company to serve both commercial entities and government agencies, making significant inroads in sectors that rely heavily on AI, such as automotive for autonomous driving technologies and defense for intelligent decision-making systems. Scale AI also emphasizes collaboration with leading AI research firms and tech giants to stay at the forefront of AI technology, integrating with major AI models from both open-source and proprietary sources. Their approach is not only to provide tools that enhance AI capabilities but also to ensure these tools are adaptable and fit into the specific needs of their clients, promoting a sustainable and impactful use of AI across industries. This focus on customization and quality makes Scale AI a critical partner in the AI ecosystem, driving forward the capabilities and applications of artificial intelligence in real-world scenarios.

Management Team

Alexandr Wang Co-Founder, CEO
Dennis Cinelli CFO
Arun Murthy CPO, CTO

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