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SambaNova Systems, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a leader in next-generation AI technologies. The company's flagship product, the SambaNova Suite, offers a full-stack AI platform designed for enterprise-scale generative AI, empowering customers to enhance operational efficiency and uncover new revenue opportunities. SambaNova's technology enables the deployment of advanced AI capabilities to outperform competitors in various industries.

Founded: 2017

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SambaNova Company Overview

Founded in 2017 by notable figures from Sun/Oracle and Stanford University, SambaNova Systems has quickly established itself as a pioneering force in artificial intelligence. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and has garnered substantial investment from prominent entities including SoftBank Vision Fund 2, BlackRock, Intel Capital, and GV, among others. SambaNova's core offering, the SambaNova Suite, is an enterprise-grade, full-stack AI platform specifically built for generative AI applications. This platform supports large, complex foundation models that drive significant business insights and operational efficiencies across diverse sectors such as financial services, healthcare, and public sector applications. The SambaNova technology stack includes custom AI chips like SN40L, which are central to their high-performance computing solutions. These innovations facilitate the development and deployment of AI models that are both scalable and cost-effective, making it a preferred choice for organizations aiming to leverage AI to secure a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Management Team

Rodrigo Liang Co-Founder and CEO
Kunle Olukotun Co-Founder and CTO
Christopher Ré Co-Founder

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