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Samba TV is a data-driven technology company specializing in television insights and analytics. It provides a comprehensive omniscreen advertising and measurement solution, leveraging data from millions of global devices. Samba TV's technology enhances viewing experiences and ensures privacy compliance with opt-in and opt-out features.

Founded: 2008

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Samba TV Company Overview

Samba TV was founded to transform how television analytics are performed by leveraging vast amounts of data from over 48 million devices globally. The company’s proprietary technology surpasses traditional measurement systems, providing advertisers and broadcasters with comprehensive omniscreen advertising and measurement solutions. This enables deeper insights into audience behaviors and preferences, thus enhancing engagement strategies. Samba TV offers advanced features such as Picture Perfect℠, which utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize the viewing experience by ensuring the highest picture quality. The platform’s ability to measure across various screens, including TVs, mobile devices, and tablets, allows for a unified understanding of media consumption patterns. This holistic approach ensures that content creators and advertisers can tailor their offerings to meet the nuanced preferences of their audiences. Privacy and data security are paramount for Samba TV. All data collection processes are fully compliant with global privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. The company ensures that all data is collected on an opt-in basis, with users having the option to opt-out and erase their viewing history at any time. This commitment to privacy is bolstered by the fact that no personally identifiable information (PII) is ever shared, providing users with peace of mind while they enjoy enhanced viewing experiences. Through its innovative technology and dedication to privacy, Samba TV has positioned itself as a trusted partner for broadcasters, advertisers, and viewers alike. By continually advancing its data capabilities and ensuring ethical data usage, Samba TV is shaping the future of television by providing insights that drive better content and advertising experiences.

Management Team

Ashwin Navin CEO
David Harrison CTO
Michael Farrow CFO

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