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SafetyCulture is a leading workplace operations platform designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance. It provides tools for inspections, asset management, training, issue reporting, and more, enabling businesses to digitize processes and improve operational standards. The platform supports various industries, including construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail.

Founded: 2004

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SafetyCulture is a global leader in workplace safety and operations management, providing a versatile platform that helps businesses digitize and streamline processes to improve safety and efficiency. The platform's key products include iAuditor for inspections, a digital register for asset management, and tools for training and issue reporting. It also integrates sensors and IoT for real-time monitoring and offers a marketplace for safety equipment. SafetyCulture serves various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail, offering tailored solutions for health and safety management, risk management, and operational excellence. By leveraging data and automation, SafetyCulture enables organizations to identify and mitigate risks, enhance quality, and boost employee engagement. The platform features customizable checklists, automated workflows, and real-time reporting, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and safety. SafetyCulture's comprehensive tools support businesses in maintaining compliance, conducting efficient inspections, and managing assets effectively. The company's impact is evidenced by numerous success stories across different industries, with clients reporting significant improvements in safety records and operational efficiencies using SafetyCulture's innovative solutions. Through its robust platform, SafetyCulture empowers businesses to achieve higher standards of safety and operational performance, ensuring a safer and more efficient workplace.

Management Team

Luke Anear CEO
Alistair Venn COO
Rachael McVean CFO
Brian Swift VP of Product
James Simpson VP of Engineering
Peter Ikladious VP of Marketing

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