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Ripple is a pioneering fintech company that leverages blockchain technology to transform global payments. Its solutions enable businesses to manage and move money swiftly and securely across borders. This is achieved through innovative services like instant cross-border payments, access to cryptocurrency liquidity, and tools for embracing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Ripple's blockchain solutions are designed to offer transparency, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of financial transactions worldwide.

Founded: 2012

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Ripple Company Overview

Founded with a vision to revolutionize financial services through blockchain technology, Ripple has emerged as a leader in global payment solutions. Ripple's platform utilizes XRP, a digital asset, to facilitate real-time settlement and lower transaction costs, positioning itself distinctively against traditional financial networks that are often slow and costly. Ripple provides a suite of transaction protocols and payment solutions that support a wide array of financial services. These include cross-border payments, which are enhanced with real-time settlement and improved liquidity management; cryptocurrency liquidity services, which allow users to leverage digital assets for various financial operations; and the implementation of CBDCs, designed to meet the stringent requirements of central banks while providing scalable and secure digital currency solutions. The company's client base spans diverse sectors, including financial institutions, enterprises, and governments, demonstrating its extensive reach and capability to adapt to different regulatory and technological environments. By continuously advancing its technology and expanding its offerings, Ripple aims to drive innovation in the financial sector, promoting more inclusive and efficient global financial networks. This commitment is further underscored by strategic partnerships with various global entities and the ongoing development of new fintech solutions, making Ripple a prominent player in the future of finance.

Management Team

Brad Garlinghouse CEO
David Schwartz CTO
Ron Will CFO
Asheesh Birla SVP of Product
Kanaan SVP of Engineering
Monica Long SVP of Marketing
John Mitchell SVP of Global Sales
Ethan Beard SVP of Xpring
Marcus Treacher SVP of Customer Success
Eric van Miltenburg SVP of Global Operations
Stuart Alderoty General Counsel

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Ripple files opposition to SEC's proposed $2 billion in fines, calling it 'evidence of its ongoing intimidation'

Ripple Labs filed its rebuttal to the SEC's push to have the firm pay close to $2 billion in penalties, in a court filing late on Monday.

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The XRP price has struggled to regain bullish price momentum this month, with the crypto going on six days of red candle close last week.

XRP News: SEC vs. Ripple Lawsuit Suspense Deepens Amidst Coinbase Battle

In a crypto market awaiting a pivotal Coinbase motion to dismiss verdict, SEC's Ripple case resolution hangs in the balance.

Ripple CTO David Schwartz Shares Timeline for Tokenization on XRPL

Blockchain veteran explained why XRP Ledger is particularly good for RWA tokenization and when we might see first viable protocols of this type.

Ripple Sells Millions of XRP at Loss: Details

Crypto tracking service Whale Alert detected an impressive amount of XRP moved from an anonymous wallet to a crypto exchange on Oct. 10 — about 18 hours ago. The destination of this transfer initiated by an unknown blockchain address was the Bitstamp exchange. Still, data on that transaction provided by an additional source helped to reveal the true identity of the sender.

Ripple loses CFO Campbell amid ditched acquisition of Fortress Trust

Ripple CFO Kristina Campbell is leaving the crypto company and has already joined another firm as CFO, according to her post on LinkedIn.

Investing in Ripple – How to Buy Ripple Stocks and XRP Tokens

Whether you are new to the cryptocurrency space or have been here since 2009, there’s a good chance you have come across Ripple and the cryptocurrency XRP. While at first, it’s easy to mistake Ripple and XRP as the same thing, this isn’t the case by any means.

Ripple Labs Partners With the Egyptian National Bank to Bolster Remittances -

Ripple Labs, the cryptocurrency firm behind digital asset XRP, is looking to build on the stellar year it had in 2019.

Ripple plans to expand partnerships with Brazilian banks in 2020 - The Block

Blockchain payments firm Ripple, which recently hit a valuation of $10 billion, is targeting more partnerships with Brazilian banks in the coming year. The firm’s current focus is to coordinate with banks and regulators in the country to make remittances more efficient, Luiz Antonio Sacco, managing director of South America at Ripple, told Reuters Brazil.

Ripple Raises $200 Million to Push Adoption of XRP Cryptocurrency

The giant investment may boost confidence in Ripple and XRP.

Ripple Completes $50 Million MoneyGram Investment, Supporting XRP Use for Global Payments

San Francisco-based Ripple Labs has just completed a $50 million investment in MoneyGram. The funds will help support the use of On-Demand Liquidity, a global payments product that uses XRP.

Ripple Labs Leading Investment By Blockchain Companies

One of the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency firms, Ripple Labs, is planning a number of strategic acquisitions and investments which will see the company and its business grow significantly in the next few years.

Ripple Sold Over $250M Worth of XRP in Q2 2019 Amid Spike in Institutional Involvement

Amidst the current increase in the involvement of institutional corporations with cryptocurrency, Ripple reportedly sold out an excess of $250 million in XRP with about 40% of these sales been in favor of the institutional investors.

Ripple Takes $50 Million Stake in MoneyGram in Push to Deploy XRP

Cryptocurrency company Ripple on Monday announced a major partnership with MoneyGram, which will see the money transfer service use the digital currency XRP as part of its day-to-day operations.

Ripple's Incubation Arm Invests $500 Million on XRP Projects

Xpring, the incubation and investment arm of Ripple, announced that it has invested $500 million in various XRP-related projects

How Ripple Is Slowly Edging Into Amazon

One of the biggest online retailers in the world is Amazon which has recently partnered with the global payments processing firm WorldPay to add Amazon Pay to WorldPay’s huge list of merchants, according to a press release by PYMNTS on 20th March 2019.

It Will Take Another Year to Know If Ripple's XRP is a Security or Not

It will take more than a year to understand whether or not Ripple's XRP is a securities asset, according to U.S.-based attorney Jake Chervinsky.

Forte and Ripple launch $100M fund to spark blockchain games development

Forte Labs Inc., a provider of distributed ledger blockchain technology for the gaming industry, and Ripple Labs Inc., a cryptocurrency payments company, today announced the launch of a $100 million fund to support game developers.

Both eToro and Binance may potentially adopt Ripple’s xRapid

eToro, the crypto and traditional asset platform, is looking to adopt xRapid, Ripple’s cross-border payment solution that uses XRP to settle transactions.

Ripple Scores Minor Victory in US Securities Class Action

A judge has ruled that a class action lawsuit against Ripple must remain in federal court, potentially giving the firm a slight advantage.

Ripple Donating $1 million to Tipping Point

Ripple is planning to donate $1 million to Tipping Point. According to its website, Tipping Point is an organization that fights poverty in the Bay Area.

Ripple (XRP) Is Surging, Boosting Bitcoin--Here's Why

Ripple has broken the wider cryptocurrency downturn today, adding over 7% following the weekend's wild market moves, after a surprise announcement from U.S. exchange and wallet provider Coinbase.

Newsflash: Coinbase Unveils Plans to Finally List Ripple

After years of waiting, the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency is finally coming to Coinbase, and the token's price is absolutely surging.

Third-Top Exchange OKEx Lists Ripple and Bitcoin Cash on Customer-to-Customer Platform

The OKEx C2C platform has listed Ripple and Bitcoin Cash while delisting NEO, QTUM and Exchange Union (XUC).

Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse Explains Why He's Not Scared of JP Morgan's 'Bank Cryptocurrency'

Brad Garlinghouse said Ripple isn't scared of JP Morgan's new 'bank cryptocurrency,' JPM Coin. But should they be?

Ethereum Has Shot Past Ripple's XRP In The Cryptocurrency Rankings--Here's Why

Ethereum, the decentralized app network and cryptocurrency rival to bitcoin, has continued to climb after last week's sudden market pump, overtaking Ripple's XRP digital token to reclaim the number two spot in the list of the world's largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Two Remittance Firms Go Live With Ripple-Based Payments to Thailand

Remittance firms UAE Exchange and Unimoni now offer blockchain-based payments to Thailand using RippleNet.

Ripple Announces New University Blockchain Research Initiative Partners, Expands to China and Singapore

Today, Ripple is announcing the latest group of partners that have joined its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). The global initiative,

The 11 Biggest Fintech Companies In America 2019

In 2018, U.S. fintechs raised $12.4 billion in funding, or 43% more than 2017, reports CB Insights. And valuations for fintech startups continued to bulge.

Ripple CTO Doubles Down On "XRP Ledger Is Decentralized" Argument

Ripple's top brass, including Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, are sure that the XRP Ledger is more decentralized than even Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ripple is growing its partnerships, integrating with SBI and Euro Exim

Ripple continues growing its partnerships with the global banking system, having recently successfully integrated its XRP based xRapid and xCurrent with a banking system for the first time in full.

Ripple CEO Sends XRP Soaring, Boosting Bitcoin And Ethereum

Ripple's XRP has soared over the last 24 hours, adding some 10% to its market capitalization and sending the likes of bitcoin and ethereum higher, after Ripple chief executive Brad Garlinghouse sparked speculation a highly-anticipated tie-up with rival Swift could be back on the table.

Ripple Hires General Counsel from Lending Giant CIT Group

Ripple has hired banking veteran Stuart Alderoty as its new general counsel, filling a position that had been vacant for several months.

Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

Ripple Insights features industry updates, insider perspectives and in-depth market analysis.

Ripple Continues To Look Like Blockchain Winner In 2019

While the market tumbled for most of 2018 and coin prices fell to 90% losses, Ripple (XRP-USD) continued to add partners, strengthen its coins economics, and push its xRapid product.

Ripple wants a piece of the global payment system while it fights a cryptocurrency 'holy war'

Ripple has an ambitious plan to disrupt the cross-border payments business. But that role becomes complicated as the majority owner of the cryptocurrency XRP.

Ripple Labs Expanding Via Partnerships with Gates Foundation, Omni, and Nexo

Deputy Director and Principal Technologist of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Miller Abel, tweeted on Monday that his organization would be partnering with Ripple Labs and Coil to explore ways to help get payment systems to the poor.

Ripple's cryptocurrency product goes live for the first time with three financial firms

Ripple’s cryptocurrency product for cross-border payments will go live for the first time with three financial institutions.