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Workrise, formerly known as RigUp, is a leading workforce management and vendor services platform for the energy sector. It connects energy companies with skilled labor and service providers, offering solutions that streamline hiring, compliance, and project management across the oil, gas, and renewable energy industries.

Founded: 2014

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Workrise, initially founded as RigUp in 2014, serves as a comprehensive platform that connects skilled labor and service providers with energy companies. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company was co-founded by Xuan Yong and Mike Witte. It has rapidly grown to become a pivotal player in workforce management for the energy sector. Workrise specializes in providing a seamless supply chain for hiring, compliance, and project execution within the oil, gas, and renewable energy industries. Its platform supports upstream and midstream operations, offering a vast network of over 300 energy companies and 400 energy service companies. Workrise enables businesses to manage their workforce efficiently, ensuring compliance and operational excellence. The company's mission is to streamline the process of sourcing and managing labor, ultimately fostering a more connected and efficient energy ecosystem.

Management Team

Xuan Yong Co-Founder, CEO
Mike Witte Co-Founder, COO
Zarah Charania Head of Business Operations
Paul Rogers Head of Engineering
John Mark Warren Head of Finance
Derek Beckman Head of Marketplace Operations
Shane Kinder Head of Product
Patrick Duncan Head of Special Projects
Olivia Howe Head of Legal
Kaitlyn DeBernardo Head of Strategy

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