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Rheom Materials is a pioneering company dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions by developing bio-based materials. They specialize in creating eco-friendly polymers from plant-based sources, primarily for use in industries like fashion, home goods, electronics, and automotive. Their mission is to transform consumer goods manufacturing by 2040 through innovative materials and collaborations with industry disruptors.

Founded: 2020

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Founded with a vision for a more sustainable future, Rheom Materials has positioned itself at the forefront of the sustainable materials industry. The company is committed to replacing traditional plastics with bio-based polymers derived from plant matter. Rheom's strategy involves utilizing advanced melt extrusion techniques to develop these new materials, making them practical and accessible across multiple industries including fashion, home goods, electronics, and automotive. Rheom Materials' business model is deeply rooted in collaboration and innovation. They work closely with a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers, and brand partners worldwide, leveraging a comprehensive toolkit of biomaterial resources and expertise. This collaborative ecosystem enables Rheom to push the boundaries of what's possible in material science, particularly in making bio-based components compatible with existing industrial processes through innovative mixing and modification techniques. Their production process is notable for its scalability and global reach. Rheom formulates bio-based components that can be produced by toll manufacturers anywhere in the world, ensuring that the materials are locally available and easily integrable into existing supply chains. This global approach not only supports the decentralization of production but also aids in reducing the environmental impact associated with transportation and logistics. By redefining the standards of material production and supply chain sustainability, Rheom Materials aims to foster a significant shift towards more environmentally responsible consumer goods. The company not only focuses on the input materials but also emphasizes sustainable practices throughout the entire production process. Their goal is to create a cleaner, greener planet by 2040, where all consumer goods companies utilize sustainable, bio-based materials. Rheom is continuously expanding its impact by engaging with various stakeholders to promote and implement their innovative material solutions across different sectors.

Management Team

Zimri T. Hinshaw Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Carolina Ferril, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer
Alex Kalin, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer
Robbie Pateder Chief Operations Officer

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