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Software Stock is a leading software platform specializing in comprehensive online reputation management for businesses. It focuses on transforming all types of feedback into actionable insights to enhance customer experience, drive growth, and improve brand perception. The platform offers tools for review management, customer surveys, social media engagement, and competitive intelligence to foster better customer relationships and business outcomes.

Founded: 2006 Website Company Overview

Founded with a vision to empower businesses by managing their online reputations effectively, delivers a suite of advanced tools designed to optimize customer interaction from initial contact to long-term loyalty. The platform is structured to aggregate feedback across various channels, enabling businesses to monitor, analyze, and act upon customer insights in real time.'s comprehensive product offerings include Business Listings for enhanced online visibility, Reviews & Review Booster for effective review management, and Surveys that allow businesses to solicit direct feedback efficiently. Additionally, the Social Suite provides robust tools for managing social media engagement, while the Insights and Competitive Intelligence functionalities offer deep analytics on customer sentiment and market position respectively. Furthermore, the platform supports industry-specific solutions tailored for sectors such as automotive, healthcare, hospitality, and retail, ensuring that businesses can meet the unique challenges and opportunities in their respective fields. By integrating feedback with operational processes, helps businesses not only maintain but also enhance their market reputation, driving measurable results in customer satisfaction and business growth. The firm's commitment to innovation and customer success has established its reputation as a pioneer in reputation management technology.

Management Team

Joe Fuca CEO
Jason Grier Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer
Scott Barmmer Chief Revenue Officer
Rebecca Biestman Chief Marketing Officer
Amir Jafari CFO
Manish Balsara CTO
Shannon Nash Chief Accounting Officer

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