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Remote provides comprehensive HR solutions for businesses managing global teams. The platform offers services including hiring, payroll, contractor management, and HR compliance, enabling companies to efficiently manage employees and contractors across different countries without needing a local entity.

Founded: 2019

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Remote is a comprehensive HR solutions provider, specializing in managing global workforces. The company was founded to address the complexities businesses face when hiring and managing employees across different countries. Remote’s Employer of Record (EOR) service allows companies to hire full-time employees in any country without needing to establish a local legal entity, handling all legal and HR responsibilities. Their payroll solutions ensure accurate, timely, and compliant salary payments worldwide. Additionally, Remote provides robust contractor management services, automating administrative tasks and enabling quick, compliant payments to contractors in hundreds of countries. Remote's platform includes advanced HR management tools that consolidate employee data, simplify expense management, and ensure compliance with local labor laws, helping businesses operate efficiently on a global scale. These tools integrate seamlessly with existing HR systems, providing a streamlined user experience. The founders of Remote aimed to create a solution that supports the growth of businesses by offering access to a diverse global talent pool while ensuring legal compliance and data security. Remote’s services are designed to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations. The platform’s transparent pricing model, commitment to customer support, and dedication to maintaining high standards of compliance and data protection set it apart as a leader in the global HR solutions market. By providing tools and services that address the specific challenges of international employment, Remote helps businesses expand globally with confidence and ease.

Management Team

Job van der Voort CEO
Marcelo Lebre COO
Chris McNamara Chief Revenue Officer
Kim Cook Chief of Staff
Alanna Brown VP of Growth

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