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Reltio is an innovative technology firm specializing in cloud-native master data management solutions. Their platform, Reltio Connected Data Platform, leverages advanced AI to offer real-time, unified data management across various domains, enhancing operational agility and decision-making. Reltio's services are trusted by top enterprises globally, including several Fortune 500 companies, to improve data interoperability, quality, and insights.

Founded: 2011

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Reltio Company Overview

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Reltio has quickly risen to prominence in the cloud technology sector, especially in Master Data Management (MDM). The company’s flagship offering, the Reltio Connected Data Platform, stands out for its seamless integration of data management with AI-driven analytics, providing enterprises with real-time access to data across multiple domains. This capability allows organizations to harness the power of their data to drive decision-making and strategic initiatives. Reltio was established with a vision to create a more connected and responsive data management framework. It integrates traditional data management techniques with modern AI technologies, such as machine learning (ML) and large language models (LLMs), to offer sophisticated solutions for entity resolution, data quality, and integration. The platform’s flexibility makes it ideal for a variety of industries, including healthcare, life sciences, financial services, insurance, and retail, all of which demand high levels of accuracy and real-time data processing. Key products under Reltio’s umbrella include solutions for Customer 360, Multi-domain MDM, and specific industry-focused Velocity Packs that expedite the deployment of tailored data models. These products are built to handle the complexities of large-scale data operations, ensuring compliance and governance while enhancing the overall quality and accessibility of business-critical data. Reltio's founders are seasoned professionals from the realms of software development and data science, and they have strategically guided the company through several phases of growth, including significant funding rounds and global expansion. The company's success is also reflected in its recognition within the industry, having been featured prominently in analyst reports and earning accolades for its technological innovations and business impact. Reltio's platform empowers businesses to transition from decentralized data governance to a unified model that not only enhances data accuracy and utility but also simplifies IT infrastructure. By leveraging genAI and offering customizable solutions through its Velocity Packs, Reltio continues to stay at the forefront of technology, helping businesses achieve operational excellence and a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Management Team

Chris Hylen CEO
Manish Sood Founder, CTO, Chairman
Ahmed Quadri Senior Vice President, Success Organization
Matt Gallatin CFO
Ramon Chen Chief Product Officer
Bud McGann Executive Vice President of Global Sales
Jakki Geiger Chief Marketing Officer
Satish Ramakrishnan Executive Vice President of Engineering
Terence Runge Chief Information Security Officer
Eugene Lao General Counsel
Renee Hollinger Chief Human Resources Officer

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