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Reliable Robotics is a pioneering technology firm specializing in the development of autonomous aircraft systems. Their mission is to enhance aviation safety and accessibility through innovative automation solutions, focusing on transforming the way goods and people are transported.

Reliable Robotics Company Overview

Founded with a vision to revolutionize the aviation industry, Reliable Robotics has emerged as a leader in autonomous aircraft technology. The company's origins trace back to a team of aerospace engineers and robotics experts who shared a passion for improving aviation safety and efficiency. They have since developed cutting-edge technology designed to automate the entire flight operation, from takeoff to landing, without the need for direct pilot intervention. The core product offerings from Reliable Robotics include advanced flight control systems and automation software that enable aircraft to operate autonomously. These technologies are not only aimed at enhancing safety by reducing human error but also at increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs associated with manned flights. The technology has broad applications, potentially benefiting cargo transport, passenger travel, and even remote medical supply delivery. The founders of Reliable Robotics are veterans in aerospace engineering and robotics, bringing decades of combined experience from leading technology and aviation companies. Their expertise has been instrumental in designing systems that meet rigorous aviation standards and gaining the necessary certifications from aviation authorities. Under their leadership, the company has made significant strides in testing and validating their systems, demonstrating successful autonomous flights. Reliable Robotics continues to work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure their innovations align with safety protocols and regulations. As Reliable Robotics advances, they remain committed to their mission of making air transportation safer and more accessible through automation. Their ongoing research and development efforts aim to continually refine their technologies and explore new applications for their systems in different sectors of the aviation industry.

Management Team

Robert Rose Co-Founder, CEO
Juerg Frefel Co-Founder, CTO
Douglas Coleman CLO
Myles Goeller CBO

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