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Relativity is a leader in e-discovery and legal technology solutions, specializing in data organization, review, and legal hold for diverse industries. Their flagship product, RelativityOne, leverages AI to enhance data security, speed up data processing, and streamline document review. The company is committed to innovation and support, offering a suite of tools that address various stages of the legal data handling processes.

Founded: 2001

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Founded as a response to complex legal data challenges, Relativity has positioned itself as a pivotal player in the e-discovery and legal technology sphere. Their comprehensive product suite, led by RelativityOne, offers solutions from data collection through to case strategy and review. RelativityOne integrates advanced artificial intelligence to optimize document review, manage legal holds, and ensure data breach responses are swift and secure. The company boasts a robust security protocol to protect sensitive data, making it a trusted partner for law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Relativity also extends its platform through an app hub that allows users to tailor solutions to specific needs. Under the leadership of a diverse and experienced team, Relativity emphasizes inclusion and community involvement, offering various training and career advancement programs. Their community and support systems are a testament to their commitment to user success, providing around-the-clock technical support and extensive training resources. Relativity's global reach and ongoing innovation in legal technology reinforce its role as a key player in advancing legal data solutions worldwide.

Management Team

Andrew Sieja Founder, Executive Chairman
Mike Gamson CEO
Chris Brown Chief Product Officer
Keith Carlson CTO
Beth Clutterbuck Chief Human Resources Officer
Amanda Fennell Chief Security Officer
Karen Ruzic Klein Chief Legal Officer
Keith Lieberman Chief Financial Officer
Nick Robertson COO
Andrew Watts Chief Information Officer
Marcin Wojtczak Chief Strategy Officer

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