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RelationalAI is a pioneering cloud-native company offering an AI coprocessor tailored for data clouds and language models. It specializes in enhancing data clouds with graph analytics, business rules optimization, and other AI-driven workloads, facilitating superior business decision-making. This technology enables the seamless integration of intelligent applications with semantic layers, anchored in a data-centric foundation.

Founded: 2017

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Founded as a response to the need for deeper and more dynamic data integration, RelationalAI represents a significant advancement in the realm of artificial intelligence and data processing. The company introduces a groundbreaking relational knowledge graph system, which serves as an AI coprocessor integrated within data clouds and language models. This system is designed to expand data cloud capabilities by supporting complex AI workloads like graph analytics, business rules optimization, and semantic modeling. RelationalAI's solutions are built on the trusted relational paradigm, ensuring that they are not only innovative but also reliable and scalable. The platform's cloud-native nature allows it to extend data cloud functionalities seamlessly, empowering businesses to implement intelligent applications with robust semantic layers. These applications are rooted in a data-centric foundation, which enhances the company's ability to drive business intelligence and operational efficiency. The company's technology is especially beneficial for applications such as fraud detection in various sectors like ecommerce and financial services, supply chain optimization, and contextual recommendations. These use cases highlight RelationalAI's ability to deliver nuanced insights and predictive analytics, crucial for real-time decision-making and strategic planning. By offering a fully managed service that is inherently synchronized with clients' data clouds, RelationalAI not only complements existing IT investments but also simplifies application development and accelerates deployment timelines. The integration of multiple AI capabilities within the platform ensures a holistic approach to data analysis and application development, marking RelationalAI as a leader in its field and a valuable partner for businesses aiming to leverage AI for enhanced productivity and insight.

Management Team

Molham Aref Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Rafael Gonzalez Caloni JD Chief Administrative Officer
Bria Porter Head of People

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