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Reify Health optimizes clinical trial operations, accelerating the development of new therapies. Through its platforms, OneStudyTeam and Care Access, the company enhances collaboration among research sites, sponsors, and underserved communities. These initiatives streamline trial processes and expand access to clinical research, promoting efficiency and inclusivity in the clinical trials ecosystem.

Founded: 2015

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Reify Health is dedicated to transforming clinical trial operations to expedite the delivery of new therapies to patients. By addressing critical bottlenecks in clinical trials, the company has introduced innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and collaboration. Its primary platforms, OneStudyTeam and Care Access, play a significant role in this transformation. OneStudyTeam is a comprehensive platform that integrates workflows among research sites, sponsors, and patients. This platform enhances real-time visibility and streamlines trial management and enrollment processes. By reducing the traditional fragmentation in clinical research, OneStudyTeam facilitates seamless interactions and improves trial outcomes. It allows for efficient and effective management of clinical trials, ensuring that the development of new therapies is not hindered by operational inefficiencies. Care Access focuses on expanding the reach of clinical trials by partnering with new-to-research physicians and clinical practices, particularly in underserved communities. This initiative establishes new research sites, thereby increasing accessibility to clinical trials for diverse patient populations. Care Access aims to democratize clinical research by fostering sustainable community partnerships, ensuring that more patients have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from clinical trials. By bringing clinical trials to a broader audience, Care Access helps in promoting inclusivity and diversity within the clinical trials ecosystem. Reify Health continues to enhance its technology platforms, integrating clinical research more closely with healthcare delivery. The company's commitment to bridging the gap between patients and life-saving treatments is evident in its innovative and scalable solutions. As a parent company, Reify Health supports both OneStudyTeam and Care Access, driving forward its mission to streamline clinical trial operations and improve patient outcomes. Through its advanced platforms and dedicated initiatives, Reify Health is at the forefront of transforming the clinical trials ecosystem. The company promotes efficiency, collaboration, and inclusivity, ensuring that new therapies can reach patients more quickly and effectively.

Management Team

Ralph Passarella Ph.D. Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kathryn McCarthy Chief Financial Officer
Jessica Ng Director of Partnerships and Integrations
Michael Lin MD Co-Founder, President & Executive Chairman
Henry Li Co-Founder

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