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Reibus International operates as an independent, innovative marketplace specializing in the metal industry. They provide a comprehensive solution for buying, selling, and logistics of metal products, integrating advanced technology to streamline transactions and enhance efficiency for businesses globally.

Founded: 2018

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Reibus Company Overview

Founded with the mission to revolutionize the traditional metal supply chain, Reibus International has established itself as a critical player in the metal industry by providing an independent online marketplace. This platform allows businesses to buy and sell metal products more efficiently, leveraging technology to match supply with demand in real-time. Reibus International offers a wide array of services to facilitate transactions in the metal market. At the heart of their offerings is the Reibus Marketplace, where buyers can access a broad network of suppliers and anonymously browse thousands of product listings. For sellers, the platform provides curated requests for quotations (RFQs) and real-time leads, enabling them to expand their customer base and boost sales without extensive marketing efforts. Additionally, Reibus tackles the logistical challenges associated with the metal industry through Reibus Logistics. This service aims to remove the complexities of shipping and handling, offering predictable and reliable freight solutions that improve operational transparency. The company also emphasizes sustainability, encouraging clients to engage with carbon offset projects. This initiative not only helps reduce the environmental impact but also allows businesses to participate actively in their sustainability journey. While Reibus maintains a strong presence in North America, it has also expanded its operations to Europe, ensuring a broader reach and increased availability of its innovative solutions to a global audience. The company headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, further cementing its presence in a key industrial hub. Reibus stands out in the metal industry by merging technological innovation with comprehensive market insights, facilitating easier, faster, and more cost-effective transactions in the metal marketplace.

Management Team

John Armstrong Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
John Blount Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer
Jon Haley Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Strategic Partnerships

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