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Redwood Materials is pioneering a sustainable future through their innovative circular supply chain for lithium-ion batteries. Their core operations focus on the recycling, refining, and remanufacturing of battery materials, such as anodes and cathodes, to support domestic U.S. production. By leveraging a growing volume of recycled batteries, Redwood Materials significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with the traditional battery supply chain.

Redwood Materials Company Overview

Founded with a mission to revolutionize the battery supply chain, Redwood Materials is addressing the critical gap in sustainable battery production. The company has developed a comprehensive approach involving the collection, storage, and material-specific recycling of used batteries. Their unique recycling process feeds into large-scale hydrometallurgical metal refining, followed by the remanufacturing of anode and cathode components, essential for lithium-ion batteries. Operating out of Carson City, Nevada, Redwood Materials has established a robust network of partners, supporting their strategy to meet the surging demand for lithium-ion batteries, which is projected to grow by 500% by 2030. Redwood Materials not only supports the U.S. battery cell manufacturers but also contributes significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of battery production by minimizing the dependency on imported materials and decreasing logistical inefficiencies in the supply chain. The company's commitment to sustainability is further underscored by its ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, reflecting its adherence to rigorous environmental and safety standards. Redwood Materials continues to lead in sustainable technology innovation, aiming to close the loop in battery materials and foster a cleaner, more sustainable transportation and energy future.

Management Team

JB Straubel CEO
Kevin Kassekert COO
Jason Thompson CFO
Alina Zagaytova General Counsel
Alan Nelson SVP of Battery Materials Technology
Paul Voigt VP of Engineering

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