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Red Canary is a leading provider in managed detection and response (MDR) services, specializing in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. Their innovative services are designed to detect and mitigate threats efficiently, offering round-the-clock monitoring and expert-led incident responses that safeguard organizations against complex cyber threats.

Founded: 2013

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Red Canary Company Overview

Founded to advance the security operations of businesses across various sectors, Red Canary has emerged as a pivotal player in the cybersecurity landscape. This company delivers a suite of managed detection and response (MDR) services that extend across endpoints, networks, cloud workloads, and SaaS applications. They are recognized for their ability to provide immediate and actionable threat intelligence, ensuring organizations can operate securely even in remote and cloud-based environments. The founders, who come from diverse backgrounds in security and technology, have built Red Canary on the principles of high-quality threat detection and customer-centric support. Their approach includes utilizing advanced analytics, integrating vast amounts of security telemetry, and deploying cloud-native solutions that can be operationalized rapidly without the burdens of traditional cybersecurity measures. Red Canary offers various products such as their flagship MDR service, the open-source Atomic Red Team tool for simulating adversary techniques, and tailored readiness exercises. These offerings are underpinned by their extensive threat detection infrastructure that processes over a petabyte of security data daily.

Management Team

Brian Beyer Co-Founder, CEO
Chris Rothe Co-Founder, CTO
Melissa Czapiga CMO
Dennis Hon CRO
Keith McCammon Co-Founder, Chief Security Officer
Dave Farrow Chief Information Security Officer
John Ritchie CFO
Katie Bullard President

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