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Rebellyous Foods specializes in plant-based chicken products, offering a variety of vegan alternatives like nuggets, patties, and tenders. Their innovative approach combines culinary excellence with advanced manufacturing technologies, appealing to both ethical consumers and those seeking tasty vegan options. Their mission is to provide delicious, affordable, and sustainable plant-based alternatives to chicken, emphasizing no harm to animals.

Founded: 2017

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Rebellyous Foods Company Overview

Rebellyous Foods is at the forefront of the plant-based food revolution, focusing on creating high-quality chicken alternatives. The company’s roots are in leveraging advanced technology, conceptualized by professionals skilled in engineering fields outside the food industry, to improve food manufacturing processes. This innovative approach allows Rebellyous to produce plant-based chicken that not only tastes great but is also accessible price-wise. The product lineup includes meticulously crafted nuggets, patties, and tenders that replicate the texture and flavor of traditional chicken, catered towards consumers who wish to reduce their meat consumption without compromising on taste. These products are designed using a proprietary manufacturing technology that distinguishes Rebellyous from other companies by enhancing efficiency and scalability in production. The company’s founder, with a background in aerospace engineering, was inspired by the complexities of engineering in her previous career to solve the challenges of sustainable food production. Her vision was to create a system that could produce plant-based meat with minimal environmental footprint while making it economically viable for widespread adoption. Rebellyous Foods targets a broad market, including individual consumers, school cafeterias, and food service providers, emphasizing the product's appeal across various demographic groups. Their marketing approach highlights the ethical implications of meat consumption, promoting a movement towards a more sustainable and animal-friendly food system under the slogan "No Harm. No Fowl." Rebellyous Foods continues to innovate in the field of plant-based foods, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the vegan market while focusing on sustainability, ethics, and health. Their commitment to quality and innovation not only caters to the growing demand for plant-based products but also aligns with broader environmental and social goals.

Management Team

Christie Lagally Founder, CEO
Kristie Middleton Vice President of Business Development

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Kristie Middleton from Rebellyous Foods set to speak on an expert panel at FoodNavigator-USA's virtual FOOD FOR KIDS summit this fall.

Investors Bet on Plant-Based

For plant-based meat startup Rebellyous Foods, the pandemic meant pivoting from targeting the foodservice industry to a consumer product it could sell at grocery stores. The company plans to retire the plant-based chicken product that is has been temporarily selling to make room for a new suite of items including chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, and a chicken patty all made entirely from plant products.

GeekWire Awards Preview: How plant-based meat startup Rebellyous Foods pivoted in the pandemic

Before the first-known U.S. coronavirus cases emerged in Rebellyous Foods’ hometown, Seattle, the startup was catering to the food services industry, targeting its its line of plant-based chicken products to cafeterias, schools, and other institutions. Rebellyous CEO Christie Lagally discusses pivoting during the pandemic.

Affordable One-Pound Packs of Vegan Chicken Nuggets Are Coming to Stores

Rebellyous Foods is making its retail debut in Seattle stores in May 2020 before expanding to West Coast retailers later this year.

Vegan Chicken Nugget Startup Raises $6 Million to Build “Pandemic-Proof” Food System

This month, Seattle-based vegan meat company Rebellyous Foods announced that it closed a $6 million investment round led by investment firms Clear Current Capital, Fifty Years, and Liquid 2 Ventures.